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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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Our Menu


Pkr 545

Ask your server for the chef’s recommendation

Pkr 525

Fresh button mushroom puree infused in fresh cream, served with crostini

PKR 485

Curry flavored coconut milk with a blend of Thai red chili served with chicken or prawns

Pkr 485

Clear lemon grass with shrimp broth stirred with coriander and chili oil


Keto Salad
Pkr 765

A salad filled with nutritional flavors, with a plenty of mixed green lettuce tossed in yamama dressing

Crab Salad
Pkr 795

A perfect low calorie salad filled with protein, served with pickled onion, chopped tomatoes and crostini

Quinoa Salad
Pkr 865

Steamed quinoa , cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and roasted pine seeds mixed in dijon mustard vinaigrette

Caesar Salad
PKR 595

A fusion of Crispy beef bacon, chicken bits for the appetite, blended with a mixture of shredded greens and topped with parmesan flakes

Papaya Salad
Pkr 595

Raw and ripe papaya with a combination of purple cabbage; drenched in Sriracha dressing and topped with spicy peanuts

Citrus Salad
Pkr 785

A combination of mixed green lettuce and julienne bell peppers tossed with tangy citrus dressing


Crab Gratin
Pkr 695

A hot Crab dip also known as Crab meat and gratin, caramelized with Parmesan

Stuffed Egg Plant
Pkr 695

A savory dish of stuffed eggplants with Middle Eastern spices, having a variety of different textures served with tomatoes, mushrooms, bell pepper and a layer of mozzarella cheese

Dynamite Prawns
PKR 895

Hand Battered Prawns made with a mixture of seasoning sand drenched in spicy dynamite sauce

Chili Prawns
Pkr 875

Stir fried Prawns tossed in a spicy tomato - garlic sauce and served with crostini

Salmon Carpaccio
Pkr 875

An Italian inspired ceviche of Smoked Norwegian Salmon dressed with olive oil, paired with asparagus panna cotta and served with diced beetroot chunks

Fried calamari
Pkr 595

Delectable crumb coated calamari rings served with creamy jalapeno aioli

BBQ Wings
PKR 535

Fried chicken wings, served with homemade spicy tangy BBQ sauce

Warm Avocado
Pkr 795

Sautéed shrimps and avocado chunks in creamy garlic sauce served with crostini

Stuffed Calamari
Pkr 595

Squid stuffed with seasoned risotto rice and cheese. Grilled to perfection served on a bed of pear puree


Chicken Roulade
PKR 1095

Chicken stuffed with Feta cheese wrapped in beef bacon and drenched with creamy mushroom sauce

Chicken Confit
Pkr 1265

A French inspired recipe of rotisserie baby chicken served with delectable gravy

Chicken Rajma
Pkr 995

Grilled chicken served with red kidney beans and fennel seed sauce

Spicy Mustard Chicken
Pkr 1085

Grilled chicken soaked in wholegrain mustard sauce and topped with chili oil to bring out the flavors

Chicken la Mexicana
Pkr 995

Chicken marinated with herbs, chilies and grilled to perfection, served with a flavorful smoke chipotle sauce

Tangy Chicken
Pkr 995

Grilled chicken breast served with a balanced spicy creamy sauce


Herb Crusted FilLet Mignon
PKR 1595

Herb crusted steak, served with a combination of paprika potatoes along with a twist of juicy orange reduction

Café de Paris
Pkr 1385

Medallion steak made from the tenderloins complemented with a roulade of butter and herbs.

Roquefort Steak
Pkr 1485

Grilled Medallion steak stuffed with prunes and cream cheese dressed with our French styled creamy Roquefort

Grilled Rack of Lamb
Pkr 1385

Grilled lamb chops combined with a classic Espagnole of caramelized onions dressed with a sprinkle of rosemary

Stacker Steak
Pkr 1395

Medallion cut steak served with bell peppers, infused with mushroom cream sauce

Lamb Shank
Pkr 1645

Braised lamb leg placed over a puddle of roasted garlic sauce

Oriental Beef Ribs
Pkr 1285

Especially for meat lovers.Braised beef ribs served with a glazing Oriental BBQ sauce

Jardin Beef Tenderloin
Pkr 1985

Tenderloin cured beef served with baked stuffed eggplant along with grilled vegetables and cheese or onion sauce


Parmesan Crusted Red Snapper
PKR 1135

Parmesan crusted fried snapper presented with a creamy honey mustard sauce to create a perfect balance of tantalizing flavors

Grilled Fish with Dill Cream Sauce
Pkr 1285

Grilled red snapper served with flavorsome sauce and sautéed vegetables

Bacon Wrap Snapper
Pkr 1295

Snapper wrapped in beef bacon, served with whole grain mustard and orange sauce

Grilled Prawns with Lemon Butter Sauce
Pkr 1985

Char grilled tiger prawn served with our classic lemon butter sauce

Surf & Turf
Pkr 1465

Inspired from the British seafood, prawns wrapped in beef escalopes served with a tangy fish velouté

Thai Prawns
Pkr 1585

Grilled prawns with a twist of coconut lime and chili sauce to fulfill your savory indulgence


Alfredo Pasta
PKR 865

Everyone’s favorite combination of Penne pasta with marinated chicken cooked in a rich creamy mushroom sauce

Crab Ravioli
Pkr 785

Pasta stuffed with crab meat, tossed with sundried tomatoes and marinated in sharp caper sauce

Pasta Aglio e Olio
Pkr 795

Spaghetti tossed in roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves, topped with feta cheese chunks

Pasta Arrabiata
Pkr 695

Penne pasta tossed in French concasser served with grilled chicken

Marinara Pasta
Pkr 695

Fettuccine pasta tossed in the combination of roasted tomato cream, balsamic and red wine vinegar sauce alongside grilled chicken


Seafood Pizza
PKR 1065

Pizza from the sea; topped with cubed fish, prawns, calamari and crab meat speckled with capers and dill

Hawaiian Pizza
Pkr 875

A combination of grilled chicken, chicken sausages and turkey bacon with pineapples, pimentos resting on a bed of our special tomato sauce with crispy thin crust

Pepperoni Pizza
Pkr 865

Thin crust base topped with beef pepperoni over chipotle sauce with grated Parmesan

Artichoke Pizza
Pkr 985

White sauce pizza topped with artichoke, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, fresh rocket leaves, black and green olives

Multi Grain Aubergine Pizza
Pkr 785

A multigrain base, topped with generous spread of turkey ham, rocket leaves, eggplant, olives and cherry tomatoes


Jardin Club sandwich
PKR 795

Our take on the classic grilled chicken omelet sandwich with a twist of turkey bacon and cheese

Grilled Vegetable sandwich
Pkr 725

A combination of zucchini, eggplant, carrots, bell peppers and fresh buffalo mozzarella, making it a Vegan’s delight

Roasted wasabi beef sandwich
Pkr 765

Pan seared beef with iceberg and fresh rocket leaf topped with a blend of wasabi and mayo

Chicken and turkey bacon sandwich
Pkr 795

Grilled chicken and turkey bacon sandwich stuffed with jalapenos, iceberg and cheddar cheese

Caprese sandwich
Pkr 895

French styled country bread sandwich with Romanian tomatoes filled with fresh buffalo mozzarella, rocket leaves and drizzled with walnut pest

Croque monsie
Pkr 755

The traditional French sandwich filled with turkey bacon, grilled cheese and Dijon mustard

(All Sandwiches are served with French fries)


Molten lava cake
PKR 525

Indulging molten lava cake served with a scoop of our soft serve ice-cream

Chocolate DIvine
Pkr 695

Heavenly dark chocolate mousse served on a base of our signature praline crust with an element of surprise in the middle

Mocha CREMEUX pot
Pkr 565

A dense soft classic coffee choclate pudding, topped with honey comb and mixed berries, a sweet affair for your tasting buds

Toffee Pudding
Pkr 575

A warm date pudding served with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled with butter scotch sauce

Crème Brule
Pkr 495

Selected especially from the Spanish and French dessert range; it is a rich, creamy and thick custard topped with a layer of sugar that is caramelized

Trio milk cake
Pkr 595

A mix of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cake combined for a complete round of flavors

Strawberry cheese cake
Pkr 645

A classic strawberry cheese cake served with French macron. Hard not to fall in love with it


PKR 355

Mint, Lemon Ginger, Strawberry

PKR 355

Peach, Strawberry, Green Apple, Chilli

PKR 385

Ginger Detox, Coconut, Guava, Cucumber, Misty Ocean, Tamrid & Plum, Pink Lady

PKR 375

Jardin Affogato, Butter Scotch Affogato, Vanilla Affogato, Caramel Affogato, Ice Latte, Ice Mocha

PKR 375

Kiwi, Strawberry, Orange

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